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Planetary Pause

A book of reflections, writings, rituals, tarot spreads, horoscopisms, illustrations, and more. It is intended to be part astrology textbook, part workbook, part tool for introspection, part artistic endeavor. It is a chance to pause and connect to the planets in various ways (haha see what I did there). 


The book is focused on the main celestial bodies of astrology (Sun, Moon, and the planets). Each section will begin with an illustration of the celestial body, writing on its place in traditional astrology and mythology, and a reflection on its meaning and how to work with it. There will also be a ritual and tarot spread for each planet as well as horoscopisms (short poetic descriptions) for the celestial body in each Zodiac sign. 


Only shipping within the United States (price included in physical copy)

Planetary Pause

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