Taurus Season

Updated: May 16, 2019


In Taurus, we step into growth, but we are able to do it at our own pace. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the time of blooming flowers, Spring rains, and the slow waking up of the Earth. If Aries was the seed bursting through the soil, Taurus is the flowering. We are in Fixed Earth, fully immersed in the season of Spring, maintaining and consolidating stability and the material. Taurus wants us to find places where we are comfortable and secure, and look for ways to keep them that way. As you move through the next month, look for ways to build something of lasting value by practicing persistence and resilience. The growing and building process is not linear, of course. We will face heavy rains and thunderstorms, but even in these challenges we are being nourished in our growing.

Take a moment and look at your chart; Where is Taurus' influence present? Perhaps it is your sun sign, or your moon. Maybe you have another planet or two, or at least it rules one of your houses. If not, Taurus rules the 2nd House, are there any planets present there? (If you don't know your birth chart find it quickly here or here. I also offer full natal chart readings if you want more detail!). If Taurus is nowhere in your chart, not even ruling a house, then it is an intercepted sign (which you can read about here). Wherever Taurus is, this is where you can begin to explore slowness and patience. If you have Mercury in Taurus then maybe you need more patience in your communication and the way you take in and output information. If Taurus rules your 7th House then perhaps you can bring slowness to the way you interact with the people closest to you and what you are projecting onto them (aka don't make assumptions or rush into close bonds). This Taurus season has so much to teach us about slowing down and be willing to feel like we are doing nothing.

I really love the words of Alice Sparklykat on the sign of Taurus. "In Taurus, we find that innate wisdom of sitting and waiting... that the only real production of the earth happens through doing nothing at all." With that intention, I'm going to purposefully do nothing as often as I can this next month. I'm going to explore what it means to be still, to be patient, to sit and wait. My Moon is in Taurus so I've become pretty good at finding comfort and making myself feel supported in a physical sense but mentally and spiritually I notice myself struggling with stillness. I may spend lots of time in bed, but it is time spent working on projects, reading books for education (as opposed to enjoyment), or planning new things that I want to do. My goal in Taurus Season is to become intentional about doing things that have no value other than making me feel good. I want spend time getting to know my body, my needs, my mind when it is resting and quiet. I'm hoping to deepen practices like intuitive movement (moving my body in ways that feel right, not in specific routines or poses), breathwork, and casual reading. I was a voracious fiction reader as a kid and I've fallen away from it, deserting fantasy and sci-fi for books that directly apply to the work I do in the world and the causes that I believe in. I want to learn what it means to do nothing at all and watch what happens because of it. I want to mirror my existence to that the earth, so this Taurus Season I'm planning on being slow and steady in order to bring about growth.

Taurus is also deeply associated with value. We are being called to explore what is "worth" doing in the next month. I have noticed lots of talk about worthiness and self-worth in 2019. We are told we are worthy of love, care, support, money, and many other things. Taurus knows all of this, but it also knows what is worthy of our time and energy. This is a good time to examine our lives for worthiness. I've created a little checklist that I'm going to be using to examine worthiness during Taurus Season. You can use it for the physical things in your life if you are doing some Spring Cleaning, but you can also use it for jobs, habits, practices, and even people. If anything isn't worth your time and energy, Taurus is giving you permission to remove or limit its existence in your life.


The cards for associated with Taurus show a varying picture of the energy of Taurus. Each embodies a different part of this sign, none really capturing its wholeness. We are blessed with a chance to revisit one of our 2019 year cards in Taurus, the Empress. This will be the first of two seasons spent reflecting on Empress energy, the 2nd being Libra which is also ruled by Venus and thus, the Empress.

The Hierophant is the card directly associated with Taurus. On the surface it may seem like a strange pairing, but they are deeply connected. It's place in the first line of the Major Arcana progression shows the conditioning, rules, and teachings that we are given as we develop. We often experience Hierophant energy with our parents, teachers, and religious institutions as children and teenagers. This side of the Hierophant was the only recognized meaning of the card for a while, and it certainly is a stretch to connect with Taurus. If the Hierophant is teachers and conditioning alone, it only shows the part of Taurus that is stubborn and refuses to acquiesce. But there is so much more to this card: it is discernment, discovery, and communion with Spirit in a direct way. The term Hierophant goes back to the Eleusinian Mysteries, a secret ritual of initiation rooted in Greek goddess worship. Hierophants were guides during these rites, but the true magic and awakening occurred with the participants. With this context, we can create a broader understanding of the message of the Hierophant in tarot. It is a card of deep understanding, of discovery, of initiation. At times we may have guides who aid us in our awakening to the world, but the only true way to have this experience is internally. Often, the experience of awakening to the Eleusinian mysteries looked like madness to those observing. Others may not understand the process of your growth and discovery, but the real lesson is in the understanding and growth that you gain from it. We can apply this lesson to the growth of Taurus season. Your growth and blooming can look like anything you want it to as long as it is taking you to a place of deeper understanding.

As I mentioned before, we are in an Empress year in 2019. This is year for learning to receive, to find fecundity, to cultivate abundance and pleasure. I love the writings of @goodbonestarot on the Empress. They compare this card to a spore, spreading from within itself, growing in the rot, able to sustain itself and create life out of death. In Empress, we truly learn what it means to create. This version of Empress is deeply aligned with the physical nature of Taurus season, growth in a wet, messy, uncomfortable way. Growth as a spiral that sometimes moves backwards before it can move forward. Growth and life coming out of the death and barrenness of our previous season. As we move through Taurus, look for ways that you can create life out of death. If you have been letting things go, what could you do to allow new life to come out of them? Are there opportunities to salvage or re-purpose parts of old practices, projects, or ideas that can become something completely new? Empress knows that we can always create even when it feels like nothing is happening or we are going backwards.

The Queen of Pentacles is the court card I feel best fits Taurus (there are other assignments for the signs and court cards but this is what is most aligned to me). In this card we are combining Water and Earth, creating cleansing mud. I love the teachings of Tess Giberson on this Queen (and all the court cards and everything really). They connect the Queen of Pentacles to body wisdom and especially where we hold emotion in our body. Taurus allows us to explore comfort and one of our biggest causes of discomfort can be holding pain and hurt physically (it is for me at least). We are also called to use our environment as a mirror for our internal spiritual processes in this card. If there is rain pouring down around you, how can you bring more watery energy to your practice? If a certain flower or animal messenger is showing up consistently, what are they trying to offer or teach you? The world around us brings so many messages if we are open to them and the Queen of Pentacles and Taurus Season are the perfect chance to open ourselves up to them.

The 3 Pip cards associated with Taurus, the 5, 6, and 7 of Pentacles show three different expressions of Taurus energy. The 5 shows scarcity and loss, the struggle of existence and the rejection of society. Depending on your view of this card, or the context it shows in, there are several ways to associate it with Taurus. There may be stubbornness in these figures as they walk away from the warmth of safety of the church. In a different light, the church may have rejected them, showing the possessive and aesthetic energy of Taurus out of balance. However, there is also an energy of resilience and perseverance: we know that this is only the 5 and that the cycle of the Pentacles ends with abundance and security. No matter the difficulties faced here, these people end up in a place of safety because they managed to continue on. All of these are expressions of Taurus. The 6 of Pentacles shows give and take, the essence of Taurus. At times we are on the giving end of this card; we are called to examine how we support others and if we are being generous enough with our resources. On the hand, we can be on the receiving end, allowing others to provide us with what we need to survive. The beauty of this card is its cyclical nature; we go back and forth between these two modes of expression. Taurus encompasses both parts and we need to learn top be both givers and receivers. The 7 shows what I think of as the purest expression of Taurus energy: pausing. No work is being done in this card, only the observation of growth. This is what Alice Sparklykat was speaking of in the quote I referenced above. Taurus season teaches us that growth isn't something we make happen, instead it something that happens irregardless of our actions. Nature moves, cycles continue on, our actions can only hinder or help, never bring the growth to a full stop. As we move through Taurus, keep the Seven of Pentacles with you often. This is the archetype that we need to embody most fully - learning to let the growth that we have been preparing for happen without getting in the way.


There is quite a bit that happens in Taurus season astrologically speaking. On the same day the sun made its shift into Taurus, Venus moves into assertive Aries. Venus isn't very comfortable in the aggression of Aries, preferring a softer and gentler approach to affectivity. As we navigate this Taurus season, we need to be aware of how we might feel strongly pulled toward "feel-good" approaches and a single-minded focus on comfort. Venus in Aries can speak to only paying attention to the needs of the self and Taurus is already pretty good at that. Seeking balance should be our main goal as we move through this season. The first week of Taurus also holds a powerful shift, Pluto begins retrograde motion on the 24th. This retrograde is happening in Capricorn, so in a communal sense we will be experiencing deep power struggles and restructuring in areas like government, industry, and big business. In a personal sense, we are able to do constructive work on our own relationship with power, how we hold power over others and the powers that we are under.

A few days later, Saturn joins the retrograde party, bringing an internal focus on our alignment with direction and consolidation. Coinciding with Taurus' focus on values, we will have a chance to begin examining whether our outward selves are in tune with the inner values we hold. It's the perfect time for weeding our garden so to speak. Pull out what isn't working for you any more so that the growth of Taurus can truly occur. The week also contains the Taurus New Moon, a chance to begin a cycle of comfort, growth, and grounding. Two days later, Mercury moves in Taurus, causing a slowness to our communications and immediate environment. I really love Mercury in Taurus. I see it as a chance to slow down and make sure we are saying what we really mean. Interactions with our immediate environment will be more stable and we are given permission to take our time and even be late if we need it. It will also be closing in on Uranus as it moves into Taurus, allowing for intuition and insight to inspire us. These revelations may not bring anything about for a while but we will be building a foundation for future shifts and awakenings.

The last week of Taurus season brings a few powerful moments. Venus will have moved all the way through Aries and enters earthy Taurus on the 15th. Venus rules Taurus and loves to bask in the creature comforts and aesthetics of this sign. Use this last week to create an environment around you that you truly love and appreciate. That same day, Mars shifts into nurturing Cancer. This can bring in some moodiness and crabbiness (pardon my pun) but it also a chance to take action around our home and family. I'm planning to use the shifts of Venus and Mars to recreate my environment in a way that serves my needs in order to avoid the passive aggressive and defensive tendencies of Mars in Cancer. We have a Full Moon in Scorpio on the 18th which can be a challenging time for many of us. Under the bright light of the Moon, Scorpio tends to air our dirty laundry so get ready to feel vulnerable and have the skeletons in our closet revealed. However, this is occurring to allow us to grow beyond what we feel holds us back. This is a moon to let go of all of our baggage and step forward into full growth. It is setting us up to move into our next season, Gemini on the 21st, without anything to stop our growing. I often find the transition from Taurus to Gemini a bit awkward but this Full Moon really opens up the door between the two.


This spread is designed to help you prepare for Taurus Season. You can use your favorite Tarot or Oracle deck (or combine a few decks). Take a few deep breaths before laying out the cards and ask your higher self to speak to you through this spread. Really sit with the imagery of the cards when you have laid out the spread and let it speak to you. Then take some time to reflect on what the cards mean to you. Return to this spread through the season and especially at the end to see how these lessons have played out.

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