September Tarotscopes

Begin with reading your Sun sign but move on to your Moon, Rising, and others you feel drawn to.

Aries: Ace of Horns: Joy + Simplicity

September asks you to find joy in simplicity. September opens a portal to a new world of satisfaction if you are willing to step through it. Crossing this threshold is the act of decluttering, organizing, and analyzing (all Virgo imperatives). Think of this as a "Fall cleaning" if you will. When you focus on the things that truly bring you joy, the rest of life with follow. So shed your baggage and hop on the next train to the destination of your dreams. Always remember, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Don't overcomplicate your happiness.

Taurus: Six of Arrows: Passage + Self

You are carrying yourself to where you need to go. Trust your process, the direction you are feeling led to go in. Beyond that, you are a container for all parts of yourself. You carry them all with you, what you like and what you don't. Moving through this month is learning to accept and embrace all of those differing parts of who you are. Without holding space for your complete self, you risk getting weighed down focusing on all the burdens and flaws. Embrace the all and love your total SELF.

Gemini: Father of Horns + Release

Is there emotional baggage you're still holding onto? The Father of Horns tends to hold space and carry the emotions of all of those around them. If you find yourself carrying burdens and baggage that isn't yours, this is the month to let them go. The buck in the Father of Horns seems stranded on its island but in Release, there is only the end of a wing visible. There is always a way out of a situation where you feel trapped, even if it seems out of the ordinary or inconceivable. Explore all options to find a place of more stability and safety.

Cancer: Five of Arrows: Defeat + Mysticism

The answers to your situations that seem mired in defeat lie in the mystic realms. Reach into the other world to find solutions to your problems. The Five of Arrows makes it feel like all is lost, like it's time to give up. The answers you need lie in the philosophies that transcend the mundane. Engage with life from a place of wonder and awe. Learn to animate every emotion and find the deep truth behind it.

Leo: XXI The World + The Hidden

This month can bring a return to wholeness and unity with the self when you engage with the hidden and unconscious aspects of your self. What are you hiding away? What don't you want to engage with? September asks you to bring it out into the open. In doing this, you can see the fullness of your life and embrace all parts of it. Pull back the curtain and find yourself in the expanse of The World, in harmony with your complete self.

Virgo: XI Justice + Stillness

Take a moment to pause and be still. September encompasses most of your season, but that does not mean you need to rush and make things happen. Instead, rest in stillness and use it to determine what you are really seeing. Justice is a deep analyzer of truth but to embody this archetype our minds must be clear, calm, and unbiased. Find time to take no active movement and use it to determine where you want to go and what you want to leave behind.

Libra: Four of Arrows: Withdrawal + Sensation

September suggests a step back, time away from engaging with your surroundings, withdrawal from sensation. This is not a change you need tomato forever, but one that will guard you from becoming burnt out. Mostly, September invites you to be aware of where you become overwhelmed, how you go beyond your capabilities and overload your senses. When you feel this way, be willing to ask for a break or just disengage. Do what is best for yourself this month.

Scorpio: Son of Feathers + Earth

Three elements are present in these cards, the only one that isn't is your own. Son of Feathers is Air and Fire, expressing deep passion and taking actions that align with beliefs bigger than yourself. Earth brings grounding and practicality, a reminder to be in union with your physical self and surroundings. You bring the fourth element, the water, the flow of emotions and connection to intuition. With all elements present in September, you can relate to every area of your life. Seek balance and wholeness, not stressing any particular area more than another.

Sagittarius: Daughter of Arrows + Moon

The Moon will be your guide, follow it as it moves through its cycles. Ground its wisdom, rest in its light. The Moon will be in your sign from the 4th to the 7th, use this to come home to yourself. It will be Full on the 14th, use this to expand into all you are capable of. The movements of the moon can show you when to move and when to stay, where to go as you seek out new experiences. Trust this guiding light and align yourself with it. In this way you become the Daughter of Arrows, learning from all that is around you.

Capricorn: XVII The Star + Aether

Connect to the other worlds. September asks you to climb high Capricorn, higher than you've ever been before. But perhaps it isn't climbing but floating, flying, dreaming yourself into a new state of being. Aether is what the stars are made of and you are being invited to take your place with them. It took being your true self to be placed in the sky as constellation in myths, this is the only achievement you need to worry about. Honor your inner voice, trust your intuition and connection to the unconscious. It will guide you to where you know you belong.

Aquarius: VII The Chariot + Terra Firma

You need to calm down, to come down, to ground. Your chariot could use some new materials, a better construction, a sense of direction. All of that is available on the Terra Firma, the Earth. Use what you have around you to create stability. Find the place that you truly want to go, meet the needs that are present in the moment. Then, you will be able to build the dreamboat, the magic carpet that will fly you off into the future you imagine. Foundation is essential to the stability of the entire structure. No progress will occur with an unstable base.

Pisces: Daughter of Roots + Magic

The world of magic is right outside your door. Climb through the window and enter an alternate universe. If you are unhappy with your current circumstances, how can you dream up new ones? If you love where you are, how can can you engage with it fully? The Daughter of Roots explores every possibility, leaves no stone unturned. This is our true magic, the humxn ability to discover how the world works. So look for signs, notice patterns, and set intentions. Each is a part of working deep magic.

Decks used: The Brady Tarot + Supra Oracle

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