Scorpio Season


Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac and Fixed Water. Fixed signs seek to maintain and extend their element. Scorpio extends Water, holding onto emotion and exploring everything with a deep intensity.

There are so many words we can use to describe Scorpio. It's death and rebirth, cycles, recognizing the fluidity of life. In the Northern Hemisphere the world is starting to shut down. Leaves are falling, night comes sooner, it gets significantly cooler. We are reminded that "life" has to pass away for a time in order to make the abundance of Spring. Scorpio takes us fully into this darkness and decay. And it is in this darkness that fear resides. This is the season to confront fear, its origins, its symptoms, its impact on life. Fear of the dark is one of the most common fears for us humxns. But it really isn't the dark we are afraid of, it's the inability to see what threats might be present. Fear of the dark is fear of the unknown. Scorpio Season takes us headfirst into that unknown. We must face the monsters in our closet and under our bed. Our inner "demons" and "monsters" are really just unintegrated parts of the self. Facing fear, stepping into the unknown, this is the beginning of integration. This is the invitation of Scorpio.

Planets in Scorpio hold an intensity and a desire to dive deep. Take a moment and look at your chart: Where is Scorpio's influence present? Perhaps it is your Sun sign, or your Moon. Maybe you have another planet or two, or at least it rules one of your houses. (If you don't know your birth chart, you can find it quickly here or here. I also offer birth chart readings if you want more detail!). If Scorpio is nowhere in your chart, not even ruling a house, then it is an intercepted sign and you will have to access it through deeper digging and learning to work with the sign that comes before it, Libra.


Scorpio's cards are intense, just like the sign. In the Majors it is assigned Death, which makes perfect sense. Really the Death card is one of release leading to transformation. It is the gateway that takes us into a new stage of life. Scorpio's planetary ally is Pluto (in modern Astrology) which is assigned Judgement. I always think of this card as an awakening. The transformation of Death brings us into the awakening of Judgement. In another way, the revelations in Judgement can carry us into death and rebirth.

The court card that I use for Scorpio is the Queen of Cups. Elementally, this Queen is all water which feels very fitting for this Fixed Water sign. It is an invitation for us to embody our emotion and intuition, to feel all the feels. Being the Queen of Cups is being intimately involved with the innermost parts of who we are. It is treating our emotions with gentleness and compassion. When we do the Scorpio work of entering our "inner darkness" we need this gentleness. The Queen of Cups is the perfect companion for this season.

The 3 Minor Arcana for Scorpio tell an interesting story. On the surface it looks like a journey form lack to abundance. In reality, it takes us from grief, to joy, to overwhelm in a topsy turvy journey. The 5 of Cups shows us the need to grieve everything that we leave behind in our life. Even if we are happy about leaving something, there still has to be a grieving process. This is an essential lesson for Scorpio. The 6 of Cups shows us the joy of exchange, of sharing a part of ourself with others. This connection and intimacy that is present in Scorpio is revealed in this card. The 7 of Cups shows what can happen if we stay immersed in the underworld for too long. All of the visions in our subconscious become a lot to deal with if it is all we see. Scorpio has to give way to Sagittarius to get out of this overwhelming experience. It needs the ritual and stories of Sag to make sense of all the mystery.


There is so much going on this Scorpio Season. The first major event is an incredibly intense New Moon on the 27th. This moon is opposite Uranus in Taurus, inviting radical shifts and change as we enter this period of rebirth. On the 31st, Halloween, Mercury stations retrograde and begins a journey back through Scorpio that will continue for most of the season. The next day, November 1st, Venus moves into Sagittarius asking us to tell stories about the things that we want and ritually call them in. November 4th is the 1st Quarter Moon in Aquarius, dreaming of what we will be on the other side of transformation. November 11th (11/11!) is an inferior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury. We're doing a deep dive into our identity and self-expression on that day. The next day is the Taurus Full Moon, shining a light on relationship with security and showing us what we are holding on to too tightly. November 19th is both the 3rd Quarter Moon in Leo and Mars entering Scorpio. Expressing what we desire with intensity and openness is the invitation of that day. On the 20th, Mercury stations direct. The internal dive into our identity of the retrograde has hopefully brought us some clarity that we can now begin to integrate.


I don't have a spread for Scorpio and there's a reason. Instead of having multiple cards, my invitation is to just pull one card and take a deep dive with it this season. Put it on an altar and try to understand what it means to you in a deep way. Reflect on it throughout the season. Get to know it in an intimate way. This feels like the best practice for Scorpio.

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