Pisces Season


The Sun moves from Aquarius to Pisces on February 18th, the earliest in any month that the sun moves into a new sign. Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac, the 3rd Water sign, and ruler of the 12th House. As the end of the cycle, it is a symbol of eternity, reincarnation, and the spiritual world. Pisces opens us up to our spiritual selves, our magic, and our freedom of expression. We find our interconnectedness to the whole in this sign.

Take a moment and look at your chart; Where is Pisces' influence present? Perhaps it is your sun sign, or your moon. Maybe you have another planet or two, or at least it rules one of your houses. If not, Pisces rules the 12th House, are there any planets present there? (If you don't know your birth chart find it quickly here or here. I also offer full natal chart readings if you want more detail!). In my chart, Pisces is only present as my Midheaven (10th House), but it has been quite impactful. I've always wanted to be a writer of some sort and I dreamed of being a musician when I was a teenager. Now I work in a metaphysical apothecary reading tarot and astrology. All of these are very Piscean professions involving spirituality or creativity. Have fun exploring how Pisces impacts you. If Pisces is nowhere in your chart, not even ruling a house, then it is an intercepted sign (which you can read about here).

No matter where Pisces is in your chart, we will all feel its influence in the coming month. During Pisces season, you may find yourself distancing from the material and more involved in spiritual or emotional energies. Your feelings will likely be more intense and rationality will likely take a backseat to emotion in decision making. We can also expect strange or meaningful dreams during Pisces and great potential for creative pursuits. Create time and space for your imagination to run free.. It will bring you new ideas and possibilities that you otherwise would not have found. Pisces lets us dream who we want to be before we begin a new cycle of growth in Aries. What do you want to dream about this month?

There is another side to Pisces, one that doesn't enjoy the everyday. While we are given permission to imagine and dream in Pisces, most of that work has to happen alone and on the interior. Pisces season causes a need for retreat and escapism in many of us. You may feel elusive or flighty in relationships, distant from your friends, or unwilling to go out as much as you usually do. All of that is normal and comes with the territory of Pisces. We have to give ourselves the space to float off into the calm waters of Pisces for its visions to come through. Pisces asks for surrender of control, instead allowing the universe to guide us into new cycles.

We need to practice compassion, self-nurturing, unconditional love during Pisces season. Being in or around water is the primary way to nurture Pisces energies. Swim, take baths, take showers, dance in the rain, do anything you can to be around water this next month. Spend time journaling, writing about your emotions, writing creatively, and dream journaling! Attempt artistic, musical, or other creative endeavors you feel drawn to. Spend time showing love to others. You can volunteer, giving without expectations, share loving words, etc. See the world with a sense of wonder and awe, letting every little miracle amaze you. Life is an incredible thing, Pisces wants us to celebrate and appreciate it. Practice giving to yourself as you give to others as well. Pisces support all kinds of love; love for others and love for self!


There are quite a few tarot cards to explore when it comes to Pisces. The Moon card is assigned Pisces in the Major Arcana. Pisces is linked to Neptune which is the Hanged One. There are a multiple systems for assigning zodiac signs to court cards but the one I follow places Pisces with the Knight of Cups for mutable water. The 8, 9, and 10 of Cups are also assigned to Pisces. We're going to explore all of these cards and the ways you can embody them in the next month.

The Moon card is one of the most confusing cards in the deck, a fitting pair for the oft misunderstood Pisces. Both are full of mystical qualities that entrance us even when we don't quite comprehend them. Embodying The Moon means living in union with your wild inner self and intuition. It looks like trusting your impulses and going with the flow. The Moon teaches us that all of existence is Life/Death/Life cycles. It teaches us that not everything can be understood and defined, sometimes we just have to experience. This card lives in the world of symbols, the imagination, and art. During Pisces season, attune to the Moon and try to embody its qualities. Spend some time getting to know the wilder, untamed parts of your psyche and see what stories and symbols they have to share.

The Hanged One (Man) is associated with the planet Neptune, the modern astrological ruler of Pisces. In Hanged One, we see the world differently than everyone else. Some may say that we are wrong or disillusioned, but we know we just see things from an alternate perspective. We need to be turned on our heads every once and awhile to leave behind the rationality of the world. Pisces helps us find our unique viewpoint and own it, even when others don't understand. This card and season are especially powerful this year because 2019 is a Hanged One year (2+0+1+9=12 Hanged One). We are collectively embodying this energy in 2019 and it is focused here during Pisces Season. Seek out new perspectives on existence and learn to be comfortable with uncomfortable situations. They are not permanent and will help us gain a deeper understanding of the world.

Knight of Cups is the court card linked to Mutable Water, Pisces. This Knight is an elemental combination of Air and Water, asking how we move like water. Do you flow, rush, trickle, pour, stream, crash, or drift? What does watery movement look like to you? For me, watery movement is expressing our inner selves and emotions, it is creativity and self-expression, it is uniqueness and and embracing cycles. In Knight of Cups, ask yourself who you truly are. Then ask how you express that part of yourself. During Pisces Season, look to express and expand your inner self, riding forward on a horse of creative energy. Allow your inner waters to flow freely and don't repress movement. Pisces demands our emotions be fully experienced so don't hold back from any emotional expression.

The 8, 9, and 10 of Cups are also linked to Pisces. In the 8, we find the quality of mutability. Pisces opens us up to changing emotions and moods. We may feel fluid and swayed between many options in the next month. Also, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and the 8 of Cups shows a figure walking away from 8 cups. We are given opportunities to leave situations behind in Pisces and start new cycles. In the 9, we see the satisfaction Pisces brings. There is joy, abundance, dreams coming true. The 9 of Cups is often called the "wish card" and Pisces is the sign of our dreams. Pay careful attention to what you imagine and dream in the next month. This shows what you truly desire out of life. The 9 of Cups wants you to be satisfied with your life and what you are experiencing. If you aren't, what changes need to be made to get there? The 10 of Cups is the final card ruled by Pisces. It shows the qualities of wonder and spiritual amazement. Pisces energy is often off in the clouds daydreaming or overwhelmed by a spiritual or emotional experience. These figures in the 10 of Cups are praising the rainbow, filled with joy at its presence. The cups within it show the mystical connotations of this card; this is not an actual event but a state of mind. In 10 of Cups and Pisces season, we should practicing being in awe of the mysteries and blessings of the universe.


There are a few impactful astrological events that we need to be prepared for in Pisces season. The day after the season beings, the 19th, is a Supermoon in Virgo. This is the second of three consecutive super moons (which occur at 0° of a sign) in 2019. This moon opens us up to our innate curiosity and intuition. We are prone to analyze our lives and especially our emotions during a Virgo Full Moon. Take time to look at your creative life and see where you can be more effective. Use the energy of this moon to organize and prepare yourself for creative expression in the rest of Pisces Season.

On the first day of March, Venus moves into Aquarius. This shift opens us up to friendship and connection with groups and communities. It also brings a noncommittal attitude to love and romance. Passionate flings may start and end abruptly and that's okay during this time. Embrace wherever you are drawn in the moment and be ready to let go of it the next. We are also more likely to find uniqueness attractive in art, music, and love.

On March 5, Mercury begins its first retrograde of the year, also in Pisces. This retrograde gives us a chance to evaluate the work we have done so far in 2019 as well as our specific work in Pisces season. We are opening up into spiritual and artistic shifts in communication during the 23 days of backwards movement. Make sure that what you put out into the world is truly aligned with your inner self during this time (this is the work of Pisces). Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is best handled by being slow to speak and trying cultivate silence in your mind. This retrograde allows us to reconnect to the still, soft voice of the unconscious if we are able to remain quiet.

The next day, March 6th, Uranus makes a powerful shift into Taurus. Uranus changes signs once every 7 years so this is a substantially impactful occurrence. The last time Uranus was in Taurus, World War 2 began which drastically changed the world's center of financial power (from Europe to the US) and pulled the United States out of the Great Depression. Uranus was also in Taurus during the intense taxation of the American colonies that led to American Revolution. Taurus often deals with money and security while Uranus brings radical change to the sign it is transiting. Some astrologers are predicting an effective end to physical currency by the time Uranus shifts into Gemini in 2025. Whether that happens or not, we will be experiencing a significant shift in energy as Uranus changes signs.

March 6th also holds the Pisces New Moon. This moon will deeply connect us to our intuition and spirituality. It has an extra kick because it occurs conjunct (in the same space in the sky as) Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. Spend lots of time with your inner self and emotions on this moon, starting new cycles of unconscious connection and allowing yourself to dream. We are learning how to trust our inner voice and how to surrender to the flow of the Universe in this New Moon. The rest of Pisces season is relatively quiet astrologically speaking. Use the quiet of the New Moon to set the tone for the rest of Pisces and do as much inner work as you are able to. Set intentions that allow you to dream big and connect to your higher self.


This spread is designed to help you prepare for Pisces Season. You can use your favorite Tarot or Oracle deck (or combine a few decks). Take a few deep breaths before laying out the cards and ask your higher self to speak to you through this spread. Really sit with the imagery of the cards when you have laid out the spread and let it speak to you. Then take some time to reflect on what the cards mean to you. Return to this spread through the season and especially at the end to see how these lessons have played out.

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