October Tarotscopes

Begin with reading your Sun sign but move on to your Moon, Rising, and others you feel drawn to.

Aries: The Ancestor + Passion

Know that truth runs through your veins and is sitting in your unconscious. Your ancestors reside within you, guiding the path of your journey with subtle directions. They come in the form of your passion. Trust that way you carry deeply about and feely inexplicably drawn to is your soul calling out that this is the right way to go. Believe in your ability to know what it is you truly need. Fill yourself with a fiery passion for everything you do by channeling the life-force that has been passed down to you for generations. The only map you need is within you.

Taurus: King of Arrows + Anahata

Follow your heart and know that it will not lead you astray. All that you do, do it with the beauty and grace of the Kingfisher. This is a month for speaking your truth and not holding back. Stand up for the desires and let compassion guide you to do the same for others. You are being gifted with wise discernment and it will come through the voice that beats within your heart center. As long as you follow this, you never need to worry if you have made the right decision. Trust the wisdom you carry in your bones.

Gemini: The Wheel + Sorrow

The Wheel is turning in October. If you have been in a place of sorrow, release it in the changes of the wheel. If you have been in a place of joy, know that sorrow is also a part of the spiralic process of growth. Either way, the goal in the Wheel is to remain in the middle, to weave the loom from within instead of without. This way you will not get carried away in any of the twists and turns, ups and downs, peaks and valleys. Know that change is inevitable, hold onto that when times are good and bad. You know of duality Gemini, don't forget that it exists within all things.

Cancer: The Stag + Growth

Coming into balance with your environment and taking responsibility for your actions are the keys to this next month. By doing this, you invite growth into your life. Recognize places of misalignment whether they are with nature, community, or self. In evening them out you set yourself up to grow beyond the old patterns that held you back. The Stag stands at the World Tree, Major Oak, facing the universal consequences of individual actions. See your place in the larger whole and own it. Seek balance.

Leo: The Woodward + Ending

This is your card, traditionally named Strength, for the month of October. In one way, this invites you to be your true self. In another, it asks what parts of that "self" are coming to an end? October is bringing a change, an ending, that will require you to have great courage. Trust in your ability to renew and overcome. Learn from nature which does this every year. There is both a hunter and guardian in this card, draw inspiration from both archetypes. Know that you have the skill to face any situation that comes your way. Trust your guardians and guides to lead you in the right direction. Working together, you can overcome anything.

Virgo: Queen of Stones + Ajna

Your vision leads you to a place of security this month. Trust in your ability to plan ahead, to see what is coming, to look out on the horizon and know the next step. Also trust your intuition, it sees what your eyes and mind cannot. In doing this, you are taking part in the wise, sustaining practices of the Bear. Make space in your life to care for yourself and your own needs. Seek to preserve what is most important to you. By developing a relationship with your intuition, you will always know the best way to go.

Libra: Four of Vessels + Connection

This month is mostly yours Libra and its message is simple. Your solution to boredom is always connection. Find the community that meets your needs. Look for the activities and stories that fill you up. Go into nature and create union with the earth. There are so many ways to connect and each carries a different solution to your boredom and apathy. Look for the connections that truly make you feel alive, that let the waters of your soul flow freely.

These are what you need to seek in October.

Scorpio: Six of Stones + Harmony

It is time to seek out harmony. Look for situations of exploitation and work to undo them. Support the marginalized, advocate for the disadvantaged, defend the hurting. Your goal should be to create harmony between all people, working to undo the exploitation of our capitalist society. You are the sign of death and rebirth Scorpio, you know that one system must crumble in order for a better one to rise. Find your place in the fight for equity. Take part in the revolution in whatever way you can. Support it on a personal scale and a communal one. Do all that you can to rebalance the scales.

Sagittarius: Five of Stones + Earth

The Earth is a guardian, a protector, a safe place. When the storms of life get overwhelming be sure to ground yourself down into that earth. This month may bring up challenges or awaken old fears. Know that slowing down and seeking safety isn't a bad thing. Look for the resources that are always available beneath and within you (for we are all part of the Earth). Becoming embodied, working with nature, these are the practices that will give you endurance to carry on. No matter how powerful the storm, there is always a way to ground and find stability to make it through.

Capricorn: Eight of Stones + Svadisthana

Develop your skills and take part in creative expression this month. Find ways to express your feelings. Art has always been a way for humxns to work through what they feel. Whether you are an artist or not, discover your own way to express and release those feelings through activity. Svadisthana is the sacral chakra, aligned with our emotional body and all that we feel within the physical body. Explore sensuality, seek pleasure, create with no intent other than to express. The more that you take part in these creative endeavors, the better you will get. Sustained effort done with love brings results. Often, that result is joy.

Aquarius: Queen of Vessels + Stability

There is stability in feeling emotions. Let your inner waters wash over you. Engage with your emotive and intuitive self. Truly feel instead of intellectualizing the reasons for your emotions. Each of the practices may seem wild and out of control in the moment, but in the end they bring significantly more stability than anything else. The Queen of Vessels is double water elementally, let each feeling come and go, following the flow of ups and downs. Learn to swim along with this part of yourself.

Pisces: Six of Vessels + Voice

October offers a reunion with your voice. Speak up! Say what you mean! Don't hold back for any reason. Whether you have gone silent out of fear, protection, or lack of opportunity, this is the month to use your voice again. The Six of Vessels invites you to rediscover what you love and encourages talking about it. Share your joys with others, sing from the rooftops about your passions, express your feelings no matter what they are. If you have been frustrated, angry, or bitter about something let it out. It is better to express it than letting it boil up inside of you. No matter what part of your voice you have been missing, this is the time to reclaim it.

Decks used: The Wildwood Tarot + the Oracle of Oddities

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