May Tarotscopes

Aries: Page of Pentacles + Death

May is an Earthy month for you, Aries. The Page of Pentacles is Earth and Earth brought together. They are the home of ideas, but you are in need of both Death and rebirth to your ideas. If you had lots of momentum during Aries season, it's time to slow down and reconsider your movement. The Page of Pentacles explores the world around them, has physical experiences, learns from the material world, but never rushes to make a decision or to come to a conclusion. Death allows you to move beyond your initial impressions, your past experiences, and interact with the world in new ways.

Taurus: 10 of Swords + Transformation

May is the core of your season, Taurus, and it is time to move beyond feelings of loss, lack, and ruin. The 10 of Swords is the closing of a cycle, the end of a mindset that limits you and keeps you down. May is a month of growth, one where you are opening up into Transformation. Allow yourself to be reborn into something new, to ascend beyond the struggles that have held you back in the past. In your own season, there is an opportunity to open up to abundance, but only if you allow yourself to move beyond your old patterns.

Gemini: 8 of Pentacles + Power

The 8 of Pentacles is a moment of creation. It is time to make things happen, to create with an attitude of abundance, to put in the hard work. May will have a big payoff if you put in big effort, Gemini. And what is even better is that you have the power to achieve so much. This symbol is the Crown of Isis, combining the Sun with the horns of the cow. As we move through the sign of the bull, Taurus, you can harness the power, light, and strength of the Sun. Use your energy and motivation to achieve all that you saw the potential for in the last month.

Cancer: 8 of Wands + Protection

There is a freedom for you to move in this month and the security of protection when you do move. The 8 of Wands is named Direct Action, in the Next World. It shows the spreading of truth, knowledge, and wisdom. You can take all that you have been learning this year and share it with the world in May! Trust that you are guided and protected as you move forward. If you need an extra boost, use this Norse rune, the Helm of Awe, to remind you that spirit, the universe, the gods, or whoever you worship is on your side. Then, get going!!

Leo: Knight of Swords + Divine Masculine

The Knight of Swords is the Escape Plan. It is double Air, ready to move with deep intention. If you feel threatened or uncomfortable in a situation this month, know that you have the strength and ability to move. Tap into your Divine Masculine, your inner protector, builder, and guardian. Trust that you are able to protect yourself when you need to, but also recognize when escape is the best option. May is giving you a chance to be in balance with your fight or flight reactions, Leo. Learn when it is best to go and best to stay.

Virgo: The Chariot + Grounded

May is a month for grounded movement. The Chariot knows who they are and they are confident in eccentricity. It's okay to walk around with your elephants out sometimes. It's even easier when you are grounded in who you are and know that no one else's opinion can impact you doing what you love. If you have been feeling scattered or disconnected from yourself, use this month to realign with your true self. Drop anchor if you need to and take it slow. Most of the month is spent in Taurus, so it's okay to get earthy and gentle with yourself and your physicality.

Libra: 7 of Pentacles + Veiled

You have vision this month with the 7 of Pentacles but it isn't the vision that you are used to. You spend so much time looking to others Libra, but this month your sight is veiled. Masks have long been used to bring on altered states of consciousness and visions. Look for ways to hide your outer sight you can develop vision within in May. What do you truly want? Where do you imagine your life heading? May is a chance to step back from your focus on the outer world and spend time planning for the future in your veiled state.

Scorpio: The Hermit + Earth

It's time for a slow and grounded approach this month. May is mostly ruled by your opposite sign, Taurus, which is Fixed Earth. The Hermit is ruled by Virgo, another Earth sign. You need to get in touch with your physical self, with nature, with anything that allows you to feel stable. You so frequently go through changes, it might be nice to find something strong and material to hold on to. Explore what keeps you grounded enough to spend time in deep introspection. The Hermit knows when it's time to take a break from doing external things and journey into the psyche instead. You can find grounding there.

Sagittarius: Wheel of Fortune + Home

You have one of your ruling cards this month, Sagittarius, and it is guiding you home. The Wheel of Fortune is reminding you that life is always changing and shifting. Of course you know this already, but now these changes are leading you to somewhere familiar. Instead of seeking the next great adventure, seek your way home. This doesn't have to be a physical place, more often it is a coming home to your Higher Self. The symbol is that of the Morning Star, a guiding light to the North that assures your decisions are for your highest good. When you find your Morning Star, never take your eyes off it.

Capricorn: The Moon + Full Moon

Two cards with the same message are here for you Capricorn. Spend time with the Moon. It may be ruled by your polar sign, Cancer, but it holds the messages you need this month. May's Full Moon is on the 18th in Scorpio, use that time to facilitate transformation within the unconscious. In Tarot, the Moon shows you connecting with your inner depths to find wisdom. As a Sacred Symbol, ritual, ceremony, and magic are all calling to you. Know that you are impacted by the movements of the moon and use this knowledge to inform your natural practicality and ambition.

Aquarius: The Devil + Friendship

The Devil is calling you to look at where you are under control. Are you letting others manipulate your actions? Or are you controlling and manipulating yourself? The Devil holds us back with a combination of doubt and shame, feeding on our insecurities. Overcoming your Devil in May will involve reaching out to friends and your community. Find ways to be uplifted and supported by the people around you, let them ease the shame that is controlling you. One of the biggest steps to being vulnerable and overcoming shame is speaking it. Your friends, the people who love you, are willing to listen if only you will speak.

Pisces: Page of Cups + Good Fortune

The Page of Cups is Earth and Water, the home to all of our expression. Embodying this card means letting your feelings out, exploring what it means to be fully yourself and letting others see that. You are full of innumerable depths Pisces, but May is asking you to share them. Genuine expression of self, from a place of love, will bring good fortune and blessings. Grounding your intuition will be a powerful tool for you in May. Find ways to connect with your emotions practically and physically. This will allow you to express all that you need to get out.

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