June Tarotscopes

Aries: Six of Pentacles + Anahata

This is a month of looking at how you give and receive from the HEART, Aries. The Six of Pentacles brings you to awareness of the exchange of power, resources, and abilities. When joined with Anahata, the heart chakra, it also looks at the exchange of love. Are you full of abundance at the moment, either in resources or in love, and it is time to give it freely? Or are you lacking in support and love and need to reach out to receive it from those in your life. Determine this and you will have your approach to June. Of course, there may be a need for both and you are being called into balance this month. Finding the middle way of exchanging love is your key to this month.

Taurus: The Tower + Imagination

The month of June calls for a release of control and consistency. It carries an invitation into expansion, into big dreams, but only if you are willing to embrace change. You are being asked to dream the life you truly want, not the one that feels familiar or that you are used to. Is there more that you want, more that you are desiring? Are there things you want less of, shifts you are ready to enter, burdens you want to lay down? Spending time with your imagination creating your dream world is the first step to this month. Then, you can go out and create those radical shifts, or allow the Universe to brings the opportunities for change right to your feet. One way or another, transformation is coming: Imagine who you want to be at the end of it!

Gemini: Four of Swords + Power

Most of this month is your season Gemini, but you don't have to fulfill any expectation you aren't feeling drawn into. The Four of Swords offers permission to rest, to recover, to spend time in bed gaining power for the next day, or hour, or minute. For you especially, this is a time of intense introspection and self-analyzing. If this wears you out and drains your energy, recovery is key to making it through. Your true power is within the mind and the only way to keep up that power is to take the time you need to rest. Give yourself a break in June and don't push too hard.

Cancer: Three of Pentacles + Ending

The Three of Pentacles calls you into awareness of your creativity and work. Is it truly bring your joy? Are you able to express yourself genuinely through what you do? Are you working too hard and not leaving enough time to process? If you are finding yourself out of alignment with your work (either a job or your creative expression) this month offers a chance for an ending. Your season starts on the 21st, the same day the Neptune beings retrograde movement. Anything that isn't serving you, any actions that are no longer aligned with your soul, you can let them go. Allow for endings so that more inspired and intentional work can come through.

Leo: Six of Wands + Lust

These cards call your attention to your belief in yourself. The Six of Wands looks at own opinion of ourselves and how it may be influenced by others. Does your belief in self come because others tell you that you're worthy or because you inherently know it yourself? Lust - for attention, for appreciation, for acknowledgement - is often a side-effect of lacking self-worth. If you are strongly desiring or feel like you NEED praise from others, take this month to realign your opinion of yourself. When your expression comes from a feeling of genuine self-worth, your work will be infinitely more inspired, creative, and genuine.

Virgo: The Hierophant + Revelation

June holds deep revelation for you Virgo, but it will only come from your own inner knowing. The Hierophant invites communion with the Teacher within you, with your ability to channel knowledge, and with your role as medium between Spirit and earth. Revelations will come to you when you step into this role in your own life. You don't have to be a teacher to receive downloads of knowledge, nor do you need to accept the teachings of anyone else if it does not resonate with your experience. Trust in what is revealed to you and spend this month learning to decipher the messages of the "gods" from those of your ego-brain.

Libra: Daughter of Wands + Sahasrara

Allow your ideas and passions to flow from you in the month of June. The Daughter of Wands (Queen of Wands traditionally) is a union of Water and Fire, an alchemy of opposing elements, a worker of magic. Paired with Sahasrara, Joy and creation will be available when you are connect with Spirit. Spending time communing with your guides, in mediation, prayer, or reflection, opening up your mind to All That Is is the deep advice of this month. These practices will allow you to genuinely express yourself and keep your inner fire burning. The Daughter of Wands is also deeply passionate about both self-love and love of others. Embrace both of these qualities in June!

Scorpio: Pentacles Mother + Apathy

These cards seem like opposites, but then again, Scorpio is very comfortable going beyond the surface to find the deeper meanings. The Pentacle Mother (King of Pentacles) shows dedication, hard work, the ability to hold space and support all people. This is the greatest potential of the month of June for you. However, this is deep work and sheer expanse of space to hold in this role may lead you to give up and fall in apathy. Things will never change, sufficient progress will never be made, security never gained for all. If you find yourself sinking into this apathy Scorpio, it is time to hold space for yourself. Allow yourself to dig into your own depths and find the root of your feelings. Spend time building up a strong foundation of belief in transformation bringing about better results. Look to the support systems that you have around you in the form of loved ones. All of this space-holding doesn't have to be done alone. With supportive love, your passion will return.

Sagittarius: Child of Wands + Harmony

Explore, create, work with your magic and your passions. This is month to be your free, wild, enjoyable Sagittarius self, as long as you can maintain harmony with all around you. The Child of Wands (Page of Wands) is a card fo freedom and expansion, full of positivity and the desire to experience more of the world. But, this freedom and expansion needs to have a purpose. Whatever it is that you are learning or experiencing should be bringing you into deeper harmony with the world around you. Get to know people you only know in passing, explore subjects that can benefit the community, seek out experiences that broaden your horizons and your understanding of those different than you. This is a powerful month of growth for you, Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Nine of Cups + Breath

Peace, calm, and security can all be found in the breath. This is a simple reminder for June, but one that you can come back to again and again. Every time you are feeling pressured, overwhelmed, or not enough, there is the breath. When you fall into a scarcity mentality or fear-based existence, there is the breath. When life isn't going according to plan, when you feel out of control or lacking in direction, there is the breath. The sweet roses growing from these lungs are a reminder of the beauty and love that are always available to you on the inhale and exhale. Whenever you crave the softness of Nine of Cups, pause, breathe in, and breathe out.

Aquarius: The World + Knowledge

This month calls for an expansion and broadening of knowledge, but it also recognizes that a cycle is coning to a close. The old masks of "knowing" that you have out on are ready to be set aside to make way for something greater. Ways that you have once understood the world can be released as you prepare for a new journey. The World is here to let you know that old understandings have served you well but something even better is coming. As we approach the Summer Solstice, be ready to lay down the past and step bravely into the future. You are the sign of innovation and development after all, Aquarius. And those are two things that always must be moving forward into new stages of existence, just like you.

Pisces: Ace of Wands + Death

These cards are echoes of you, Pisces. Life and Death, Birth and Release, together as one. You are the end of the cycle, the death of the old way, the depths of all that has been explored. And yet, you also pave the way for new existence, preparing for the cycle to begin again. June asks you what it is you want to birth and grow and develop in the coming months. To do this, there will be things you must let go fo and release. Coming into awareness of both of the realities is the key to the month. You are the full expanse of the ocean, you are big enough to contain death and life in a single moment. Allow for them to both exist within you as you prepare for the release of the old and the coming of the new.

Decks used: Thea's Tarot and the Oracle of Oddities (all 3 editions)

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