July Tarotscopes

Begin with reading your Sun sign but move on to your Moon, Rising, and others you feel drawn to.

Aries: The Chariot + I am open to love in various forms

July calls on you to know who you are and to open yourself up to so much more. The Chariot is a card of confidence in the self and believing in your ability to move forward. It is the knowledge that you have done so much already. But, it also asks if you are ready to take the next step in the journey. To do this, you have to open yourself up to love. Not love as something that can be achieved or captured but love as a state of mind. Love of self, love of community, love of life. Open yourself to all the forms of love and let them carry you into the expansive future that awaits you.

Taurus: The Moon + I give offerings that are genuine

Your cards this month are an invitation to understanding a deeper level of who you are. The Moon brings belief in what was once considered unbelievable and understanding of what was once hidden by fear. It is spending time with your shadows and in the dark, getting to know them and what lies beneath. When you can do this, your offerings become genuine and aligned with your true self. To give of yourself genuinely is to express your individual truth without an attachment to it being received. To offer this genuinely is to connect with what naturally flows out of you overcoming the fear that others will dislike or deny it. The fears may still rise up but when you are spending time in the Moon, you can get to know them and soften their influence on your psyche allowing for a free flow.

Gemini: Justice + I speak with good intent

Justice is a call to action relating to both the Self and the Society. It asks you to examine your own relationship with fairness, equity, and balance. Perhaps you are spending so much time focused in one place that another has fallen to the wayside. Could there be work you are able to do to serve those who are disadvantaged that you are not doing at the moment? Justice calls this into awareness and asks you to stand up for what is right in your own life and in the lives of others. When you take these stands, make sure you are speaking with good intent. Your word is your sword and is a powerful tool in the hands of a Gemini. Align your words with your intentions and consider each one before it falls from your mouth,

Cancer: Judgement + I keep the waters pure

Judgement is a call into awareness, an awakening to the TRUTH that resides within you. It is an understanding of reality and life that you have not consciously held before but that has always been present in your inner depths. To access this state you are being asked to keep the waters pure. These are the waters of the unconscious that allow you to connect with your inner knowing and the collective unconscious. Keep them pure is the act of keeping out the influence of the conscious mind and all of it neurosis. You have a portal into your true knowing within you when you stare deep into the mirror of those inner waters. Make this unconscious conscious this month.

Leo: Strength + I relate in peace

You have your own card this month, Leo. Strength is your symbol in the Tarot and it is asking you to embody the truest form of yourself. Strength is a call to create compassionate relationships with yourself and your surroundings. It is an invitation into genuine acts of love and building environments that serve the needs of both self and community. When you do this, you relate in peace to all parts of life. You are able to see each object, each moving part, each soul as the entire cosmos contained in a single thing. Even in the chaos of life there is order, structure, and peace. Seek this out during the intensity of July and remember to cultivate compassion for all things.

Virgo: Ace of Cups - I hold purity in high esteem

Purity is the keyword for this month but it is not the purity that we think of in our patriarchal, Christianized modernity. This is a purity of the self, a genuine and uninhibited connection to the waters the flow within. It is working with the body without judgement and cultivating a relationship with how it works best. Embodying the Ace of Cups is opening to the free flowing expression and joy that resides within you. Holding purity in high esteem is knowing that a connection to this state of mind will be easiest when you are not harming yourself or tearing yourself down. It is working in union with yourSELF instead of opposition to it.

Libra: Temperance + I achieve with integrity

As is often the case, balance is your message for the month of July. Temperance is a balance of water and fire, of Spirit and Physical, of soul and mind. It is moving forward without ego getting in the way, it is healing the self from the wounds of society but still having the strength and belief to move forward. To embody this Temperance state is to achieve with integrity. This involves trusting your convictions and consciousness, be willing to stand up for what you believe in. It is not giving yourself away to the ideals and temptations of others, instead it is knowing that staying true to your convictions will pay off in the end. That is true balance.

Scorpio: Ace of Wands + I honor virtue

Know exactly what it is that you hold dear and let that shine out to the world. The Ace of Wands is the emergence of an idea, a belief, a seed that is ready to grow. Out of the depths comes this burning desire to create and share something that you care deeply about. In order to stay true to this desire, you have to know what your virtues are. They may not be the virtues you were taught or the virtues of your society. The roots of virtue trace back to the Latin viritus meaning "merit, valor." You are being called to honor and grow what you find truly important and to stand up to defend and protect it, regardless of the response. Let the roots of your fire grow.

Sagittarius: The Empress + I follow my inner guidance

The Empress asks you to allow yourself to create this month. Trust the deep inner guidance and knowing to lead you to what you need and then open yourself up to it. This is a month of creative expansion, of self-replicating ideas that need no outer influence to bring them into being. All that you need to express your genuine self lies within as long as you follow your intuition. In this month of Eclipses, allow yourself to receive all that is available to you. Then, armed with inner wisdom, make something powerful and beautiful out of what you have learned and take in.

Capricorn: 7 of Cups + I praise the goddess and the god

This month draws you out of reality and into the worlds of imagination and perception of the greater universe. Praising the goddess and god is not an act of religion but one of recognizing the divinity in all things and the dualities of life that are constantly brought together in fluid union. It is not a binary system but one of finding where on the spectrum of extremes yourself and all that you interact with falls. To do this requires the detached imagination of the 7 of Cups. Instead of attaching to any one way of being or a particular vision that you observe, allow yourself to experience the fullness of life in all of its diversity. Allow "imagination" to create a world for you that sees Spirit in the mundane. There is always more going on than you can see and you never have to attach to the reality of any singular perception.

Aquarius: 3 of Cups + I offer words of good intent

This month and these cards call your relationship with your community into attention. Are you receiving and creating joy from/with those who are found you? Are you in tune with your surroundings or trying to move beyond them? The 3 of Cups wants you to find joy and genuine celebration in your community. To do this, consider the words that you are speaking. Do they hold your truth or are they disconnected from your reality? To embody the 3 of Cups the intentions of your communication must be good and pure. To truly help yourself and those around you growth, evolve, and progress you must have the best interests of everyone in mind when you share your visions of the future. Consider how ALL will be impacted by your ideals for community.

Pisces: Revolution + I am humble

This is a time for deep transformation, for revelation, for liberation. It is tearing down the structures in your own life and in your interactions with the world that are only causing pain and destruction. Out of the rubble of this revolution, a newer and better life can arise and be built. In the midst of all of this, remember your place in the grand scheme of life. Maintain humility, knowing that while you are the UNIVERSE made physical, you are the universe made PHYSICAL. Know your limitations and know your role. You have everything you need to begin this revolution within you. There is no need to strive or present yourself as more than you are.

Decks used: The Next World Tarot and the Amenti Oracle

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