August Tarotscopes

Begin with reading your Sun sign but move on to your Moon, Rising, and others you feel drawn to.

Aries: Page of Wands + Healer

August is a month of finding where your passion resides. The Page of Wands is Earth and Fire, finding ways to ground and interact with our inner spark of life. It is asking you to learn how to find joy in everything you connect with, to be in awe of the opportunity for life. When you can do this, you become a healer of self and others. You are the spark Aries, the beginning of the Zodiac cycle, the initiate into all other experiences. When you are existing in a state of joy and wonder, you become a healer on the personal and collective levels. August, the month of Leo, is tasking you with this work. Find your joy!

Taurus: Ace of Cups + Grounded

The grounded flow of abundance awaits you. What is it that brings you back to earth, that keeps you present and aware? Grab onto those things and hold them tightly. They will bring the flow of life straight to your door. These cards invite you into something you know well: staying still enough to see what you already have available to you. The still roundedness will bring your attention to the flow of the Ace of Cups, to the holy grail of love and peace that awaits you right where you are. The Fixed energy of Leo season promises abundance if you can maintain a state of mind that remains aware of opportunities.

Gemini: Seven of Pentacles + Good Fortune

The good fortune that awaits you requires patience, waiting, and discovering what it is you truly want. You may have a tendency toward movement, action, pollinating the world and exploring all that it has available. The key to this month is finding ways to do that this month is stillness. Not an eternal stillness, but stillness for long enough to see the good fortune that is actually present. If you move too much or go too fast, you might miss an opportunity that has been sitting and waiting for you. So sit, wait, pause, and let the good fortune that you already have become apart of your awareness of the world.

Cancer: The Devil + Divinity

What is your relationship to your own divinity? Is it vibrant, flowing, aligned, communicative? Or is there fear and self-doubt that are holding you back from full connection with your divine, inner self. The Devil asks you to become aware of where you hold yourself back, of the patterns and habits that you fall into that limit your abilities. The more that you can tap into the innate power and magick that you have, the more you are uniting with your divine self. The Devil is not a card to fear, it asks you to learn to utilize your soul potential even in the dark, even when you are scared, even when you can't see. In doing this, you become divine.

Leo: King of Swords + Soulmate

It is your season this month Leo, and you are becoming King and Soulmate to yourself. The invitations in these cards have nothing to do with those around you per se, they are connected to your relationship with yourself. The King of Swords asks you to analyze what it is you truly need. It is a card of introspection, thinking, and pondering what brings you joy and creating structures and systems to maintain that. When you do this, you become your own Soulmate, developing a relationship with yourself. So fall in love with YOU Leo, that is your work this month.

Virgo: Two of Cups + Guides

The Two of Cups is a card of connection and union and in August you are exploring that work with your guides. Like any relationship, our bond with our guides requires mutual work. August is the time for you to put in the work. Give offerings, invest energy in getting to know them, spend time communing with them. It could be through dreamwork, journaling, meditation, or anything else that works for you. If you don't know your guides, ask. Reach out and ask them to show themselves to you. All you have to do to begin the relationship is extend the invitation.

Libra: Queen of Swords + Shadow

There are boundaries that you need to establish with your shadow during the month of August. If it is growing into a monster, then this boundary work will become especially important. This isn't repressing or burying your shadow self, it is creating boundaries so that you can develop a healthier relationship with it. The Queen of Swords is compassionate but strong, loving but unyielding. This is the mindset that you need to take with your shadow. It may also be needed with the people in your life who show up as reflections of your shadow self.

Scorpio: Six of Cups + Power

Your power will grow when you are able to have a genuine exchange of emotion. This is not a one-sided exchange where others are open and vulnerable with you and you are able to analyze and discover their hidden realms. The Six of Cups requires mutuality and equity. It provides power by vulnerability, love, and genuine emotion being exchanged. This is what you need to work on in the month of August. There is deep healing that comes through the Six of Cups. When you take part in this healing with someone else, your mutual power will grow and expand. With an open heart, you will find yourself becoming more and more of who you truly are.

Sagittarius: Four of Wands + Past Life

Ritualize your connection to your past lives. This might mean regressions or other consciousness altering approaches to finding out who your soul has been before this incarnation. It could also mean connecting to ancestry and the long lineage of those who came before you. The work of August is to discover what it means to be connected to something that is both yourself and much larger. As you journey into your past with a mindset of ritual and play, you set yourself up to have a much more fulfilled future.

Capricorn: Queen of Wands + Growth

Your opportunities for growth this month are directly linked to your ability to embrace your inner magic. When you are creative and expressive from your heart, when what you put out into the world is aligned with what you truly want, you grow. Turn yourself into a candle, a flame that is something beautiful and that also provides light for others. Even as your candle burns and the wax drips, you are creating art and beauty. These cards are a reminder that life is spiral and growth is cyclic. Embrace a less linear approach to life this month.

Aquarius: The Star + Lucky

You have your own card this month and that is lucky indeed. Luck, of course, is being in the right place at the right time and aware of what is presented. When you are in the Star, you are dreaming of that ideal existence that you've always wanted. It is a place of healing, renewal, and connection to the collective unconscious. In that state, situations will come in that feel like luck. The more that you can find yourself dreaming of your best life, connecting with where the universe wants you to be, the more situations will come to you to head in that direction.

Pisces: Death + Death

This month is all about letting things go. A double dose of Death is going your way Pisces, but you're familiar with that energy. This is the time for release, for ending cycles, for no longer getting caught in traps that limit you. Whatever you can let go of, whatever you can release, whatever you let die, it will all be reborn into new life when we move into September. Out of the fires of Leo season come your opposite sign Virgo. It will be doing this opposition that you find new life. So go into your cocoon and begin the process of transformation. August is carrying you into something so much more than where you have been.

Decks used: The Apparition Tarot + The Sacred Symbols Oracle

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