Aries Season


Aries season often feels like an awakening to me. We come out of the watery depths of Pisces into the energetic and passionate fire of Aries. Spring is beginning all around us in the Northern Hemisphere. Plants are growing, green is becoming part of our environment again, weather begins to get warmer and often rainy as well. It is a little uncomfortable at times, maybe a bit too fast-paced, but always a needed change coming out of the slowness of winter.

Take a moment and look at your chart; Where is Aries influence present? Perhaps it is your sun sign, or your moon. Maybe you have another planet or two, or at least it rules one of your houses. If not, Aries rules the 1st House, are there any planets present there? (If you don't know your birth chart find it quickly here or here. I also offer full natal chart readings if you want more detail!). If Aries is nowhere in your chart, not even ruling a house, then it is an intercepted sign (which you can read about here). In my chart, Aries rules my 11th House and contains one planet, Saturn. The 11th House rules over friendship, communities, and groups we are involved in. With Aries, it tends to make one individualistic and maybe a bit of a loner which certainly describes me. It isn't that I don't enjoy other people, I'm just very comfortable on my own and I think 11th House Aries has a lot to do with it. Saturn brings limitations to assertiveness and action when in Aries. I always have new ideas but I struggle to begin them and often doubt my ability to succeed. There are deep lessons about risk-taking and certainty that I am learning through this placement.

No matter where Aries is in your chart, we will all feel its influence in the coming month. You might feel restless and try to break out of the constraints put on you. You might notice hard-headedness arise, causing you to learn lessons through experience rather than through the advice of others. You might just be inspired to take on new projects and feel full of energy. Aries can be different things to different people, the key is that you pay attention to how it impacts you. If you are prone to anger, Aries season might raise those tendencies and cause lots of opportunities for you to fight with those around you. If that is the case, the goal of this season would be to learn how to use your anger to get things done. If you feel restless or overwhelmed even by all of the energy and momentum around you, you can learn how to go at your own pace and discover what aligned movement really means to you.

Aries is a personal sign, and is potently about the individual as the first sign of the Zodiac cycle and assigned to the head. The focus of this season is on the self and often the self alone. We have to be okay with that during the next month. Use this time to focus on how to be aligned with yourself, doing what you want and enjoying it. Create momentum to carry you toward your goals. There will be other times in the year where your focus will be on others and service, Aries season wants you to learn to serve yourself for the time being. Get to know your needs and desires and take intentional action to fulfill them. This next season is all about YOU, YOU, YOU!

Aries season is especially potent this year because Chiron, a 'minor planet' in our solar system, has just moved into Aries. Chiron is known as the wounded healer in astrology, it shows the things we need to heal in this lifetime and also how we can take that healing to others. The minor planet is named for the centaur from Greek Myth, Chiron. He is known for being the great teacher of the heroes (notably instructing Ajax, Achilles, Jason, Perseus, and Hercules). He is also well-known for constantly living with rejection, disappointment and pain. There are tons of myths about Chiron and I can't go into them here but go read about him!!! The importance of Chiron to us this Aries season is that the Sun will be moving right through Chiron's current placement. We will feel the fullness of this intensity somewhere between the 22nd and 23rd of March. Chiron linking up with the Sun right at the beginning of Aries will allow us to take our wounds out into the world for healing. You may feel full identification with how you have been hurt in the past that day, and olds wounds will certainly resurface. You may even have to face the people and places that caused your wounding. The goal is to open the fullness of yourself up to healing. Through this, you will be able to help others heal through similar pain having already gone through the experience. Look to how you can take healing work to others and be an example of what recovery from old wounds looks like. This Aries season is going to be all about healing wounds and working through our trauma in ways that help us move forward.


The cards for Aries season are some of the best representations of any sign in my opinion. The Emperor has always felt like a good fit for Aries to me, The Tower is linked with Mars and evokes very Arian themes. I can definitely picture the King of Wands as an Aries and the 2, 3, 4 of Wands show a progression of growth that embodies the initiatory fiery principles of this sign.

We begin with the Emperor, number 4 in the Major Arcana, the first card to represent a sign and not a planet. The Emperor seems to mean many things to many people, just as Aries is often described in differing and sometimes contradictory ways. On the negative side, both can be hard-headed, dictatorial, and impulsive. I often think of the Emperor fidgeting on the throne, ready to get up, move, do something. They are in full battle armor for gods' sake, they don't belong on a throne. Like the Emperor, Aries is always ready to take action and make something happen. Positively, both embody the qualities of intentional action and sacred space. Both believe in their power and ability so much they don't hesitate to step into roles offered to them. Both believe they can overcome any obstacle, defeat any challenger, slay any dragon. And usually, they're right. The closest connection to Aries I see in the card is all of the rams on the throne! Who other than an Aries would cover their throne in the symbol of Aries, the Ram.

The Tower is typically paired with Mars, the ruling planet of Aries. The card carries a lot of Martian and Arian themes: action, violence, fire. It shows the quick movement Aries brings to us and the potential for intense change. The Spring Equinox (which coincides with the Sun moving into Aries) is almost a second New Year for us in the Northern Hemisphere. We experience the awakening of the Earth, the growth of plant life, the warming of the temperature. Things start to begin again as everything and everyone wakes up. Spring is the perfect time to begin something new or make a big change. Aries moves us into that potential with force and speed, asking us where we want to go. The Tower is capable of bringing those changes. Often it comes when we have been ignoring shifts and changes we need to make, forcing us into them. Tower energy isn't always pleasant and neither is Aries necessarily. You may feel challenged to move and shift during this next month and feel that you aren't ready. Aries is asking you to change anyway and trust that everything will fall into place as you move forward.

The King of Wands seems like a true Aries. They are unique, the only King not facing forward in the RWS. They seem ready for action, about to rise up out of their thrown . They are also in the barren desert, perhaps a symbol of the fiery expanse of Aries. Elementally, this King is pure Fire, no other element is involved. They are singularly focused on balancing out passion and inspiration, finding a way to control this burning power without let it get out of hand. Kings are also responsible for facilitating their element for their community. The King of Wands can be thought of as the builder of a bonfire, providing warmth, light, and motivation to an entire group. Aries is the leader of the Zodiac, grabbing the torch and starting off the processional which all the other signs follow. The key for both this card and this season is focus and direction. Where are you leading others? Where are you directing all of your energy and passion? How are you keeping the fire burning? Answer that and you'll know how to approach Aries and embody the King of Wands.

The final cards associated with Aries are the 2, 3, and 4 of Wands. They are part of one of my favorite profession in the entire tarot. The Ace of Wands began this fiery suit with pure potential for creation. The figure in the 2 stands overlooking their kingdom with a globe in hand. They are deciding where to go with the potential of the Ace, what to do in the world with such a power. In the 3, the figure has no moved out into the world and added another wand. Something is developing, progress and growth have occurred. Their back is to us, implying that they are focused on the future. The 4 shows a celebration or a party. A wreath hangs from 4 wands, the pattern that had been forming is now completed. Also there are two figures now, implying that our planning friend has succeeded or at least had good news to share with someone else. This card is the end of Aries season, where we celebrate all we accomplished and get ready for the creature comforts and sensual pleasures of Taurus. I love the way these three cards flow into one another. They embody the qualities of Aries. Beginning with a spark, what follows is planning, execution, and celebration. This simple progression describes the Aries approach to life perfectly. If only it was that simple every time.


Aries season starts off with a bang. The Sun shifts into Aries on March 20th, the day of the Vernal Equinox. The Moon. becomes Full only a few hours later in the sign of Libra. This intense combination will force us to examine our relationships with the varying aspects of ourself. Libra calls for balance and harmony while Aries only wants to go its own way. Creating purposeful ways to balance these energies on that day will set the stage for a calmer more focused Aries season.

Venus moves into Pisces on March 26th. The planet of affectivity and reception enjoys the watery depths of Pisces but sometimes can get lost there. Be aware of how your interactions with others are determined by your emotional state. Positive or negative emotions may impact the way you think of yourself and other people. Venus in Pisces needs to feel emotionally stable and cared for in order to be comfortable and affirmed, make sure you are taking care of those needs.

Two days later Mercury returns to forward movement. Even though it will be in shadow for quite awhile, the end of this retrograde will be a relief. Communication should return to its typical flow, technology should return to its usual levels of inconsistency, and we will be able to focus outside of ourselves again. This is quickly followed by Mars moving into Gemini on the final day of March. Action will require research and exploration of all possibilities. Gemini loves to move but when Mars is in it, that movement isn't always forward. Gemini allows Mars to come up with lots of ideas but executing them isn't always the focus. Changing direction and lots of verbal discussion is more common, as well as getting into fights about the best way to move forward. Even though Mercury will be direct, watch your words while Mars is in Gemini.

Our New Moon in Aries is on April 5th and brings lots of potential for new projects and intentions. Setting goals for the future and beginning new adventures is the perfect way to enjoy this moon. Jupiter goes retrograde 5 days later on the 10th so make your plans as close to the moon as you can before the planet of expansion starts moving backwards. Your goals may not be realized right away but by August when Jupiter goes direct, things may have begun to manifest.

Mercury finally moves out of Pisces on April 17th. It began its retrograde at 29° Pisces, moved backwards halfway through the sign, and will make up all that ground again before this date. This shift begins a new zodiac cycle for Mercury (back to the first sign) and a chance to start anew with conversation, information, and short travel. This may be the time to reconfigure transportation, change up your communication with clients and friends, or maybe exploring new ways to learn. Allows the energy of Aries to motivate your Mercury placement to expand and move forward.

This Aries season is a unique one, we have TWO Full moons. The first one occurred immediately after the Sun shifted into Aries, the second occurs right before it leaves. The second Full Moon will revisit the themes of the first one, giving you another opportunity to explore balance. We are especially in need of Libra energy for Aries season this year. Make sure to focus on harmony, balance, and peace as you look to expand and make shifts into a new zodiac cycle. The energy you awaken at the first moon can be enhanced and strengthen at this second one. The Libra Full Moons bookend Aries with reminders that as we move forward individually, we also have to be aware of our influence on everyone else. Learning to take balanced steps forward in a way that works for us is the powerful lesson of this season.


This spread is designed to help you prepare for Aries Season. You can use your favorite Tarot or Oracle deck (or combine a few decks). Take a few deep breaths before laying out the cards and ask your higher self to speak to you through this spread. Really sit with the imagery of the cards when you have laid out the spread and let it speak to you. Then take some time to reflect on what the cards mean to you. Return to this spread through the season and especially at the end to see how these lessons have played out.

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