April Tarotscopes

Aries - Eight of Swords + Sacred

April is bringing your fears to the surface this month. The 8 of Swords lines them all up in a row for you. See if you can name them one by one. You need to open your eyes to what you are scared of, the fears that are holding you back. The swords are only products of your mind, created by the ego living in its fear-based universe. Moving through the 8 of Swords means recognizing what is truly a threat to your existence and what is imagined danger. Paired with Hawthorn, bringing the oracle property Sacred, April has the potential to carry you through a portal into a new world. Hawthorn trees have long been considered places of entry to the fairie realm and other magical places. Facing your fears can act as the portal to transport you into places you never could imagine. Use ritual, the act of making action Sacred, to fully encounter what you are afraid of. The upcoming New Moon in Aries can be a chance to release any old fears and prepare yourself to step into new patterns. Practicing sacred rituals to enhance and solidify these intentions will allow your fiery Aries self to feel inspired and invigorated. Action is the result of belief for Aries, believing that you are capable of moving beyond the control of your fears will be the biggest step toward experiencing that.

Taurus - Queen of Swords + Enhance

The Queen of Swords brings a challenge to you Taurus. But you, so often called stubborn, are certainly up to the task. Queen of Swords wants you to stand firm in your truth, knowing exactly what it is you want to express. In April, we shift into your sign Taurus. You must be ready to embrace the fullness of yourself. As a combination of Water and Air, the Queen of Swords requires expression and communication that is aligned with your inner self and emotions. Spend time in reflection and meditation, exploring the depths of your mind and feelings. Establish strong boundaries and stand in them this month. Know your limits and stay true to them. All of this Aries energy at the beginning of the month may pull you into more motion than you are comfortable with. This card is giving you permission to say "no" when you need to. As you work to establish these boundaries and alignment with your inner self, use Enhance to bring more light into the every day. Use ritual, routine, and what is often considered mundane to spice up your life. Make your self-care and comfort practices sacred this month. Use them to more deeply connect to yourself: through meditation, reflection, and looking after your body.

Gemini - Seven of Wands + Nurture

Look out for yourself this month, Gemini. The Seven of Wands recognizes that conflict is inevitable when you are sharing yourself in the world. Others may disagree with you, or misinterpret what you have to say, or twist your words around. This card wants you to feel strong standing up for yourself. It brings encouragement to stand tall even when you stand alone. Don't allow doubt or disagreement to limit your expression. As Spring awakens, so should your ideas and expressions. Holding yourself back out of fear is only going to create a blockage. Encourage yourself to get ideas out into the world and spend time with those who encourage you as well. Nurture asks you to care for yourself. Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel supported and looked after. Perhaps, you can accomplish this by looking out for those who around you. Clover, the plant of your oracle card, is known for nourishing a variety of creatures as well as the earth surrounding it. By nurturing and supporting the people in your environment, you set yourself up to be nurtured and supported in return. But above all, make sure you are acting in ways that uplift and encourage your honest expression of self.

Cancer - 7 The Chariot + Patience

You couldn't have cards more suited to your energy this month. The Chariot is ruled by Cancer, representative of a desire to move forward but also a comfort with where you are, a stable place to feel supported in. The Luminous Void Chariot is a mystical vehicle, one that seems to have appeared out of a dream. April needs you to find the stable place within your emotions. Sometimes, you have to take control of the wheel and direct your inner state. Passively sitting back and experiencing emotion will allow it to overwhelm you. If you are able to create consistent practices that keep you from being overwhelmed by your emotions, you will be stepping into the full potential of April. Even when waves and storms come in your inner world, focus on what you can do to keep fully experience those emotions while maintaining an outer sense of composure. Your Oracle card comes as a pertinent reminder: be Patient. Recognize that the process of self-mastery and emotional control takes time and work. It won't happen to perfection this month, or even this year. It is a lifelong practice that improves over time. Embody the Trout Lily, which doesn't flower for the first 4-7 years of its life. It is not only growing during this time however, existing in symbiotic relationships with other flowers and ants. If you look to support others and being supported in return, the process of your growth will be much more bearable. Seek out communities who are doing the same work you are.

Leo - King of Cups + Regenerate

The King of Cups takes you into a deep place in April, Leo. You are standing in your favorite place, as leader and organizer in the King of Cups. This union of Fire and Water asks you to hold space for both yourself and your community in April. You are able to step into the role of emotional supporter and spiritual guide. Make sure that you are doing the work for yourself first, and not only doing it for others or for "show." The King of Cups opens us up into intense and powerful healing if we allow it. Your Oracle card, Regenerate, reiterates this theme. Morel, a small fungus and prized foraging find, grows best among rot and destruction. They often appear after a fire, growing a strong bumper crop the next year. Allow the example of these little fungi to inspire your healing journey this month. Anywhere and anything you feel has been destroyed beyond repair can always bring about new life. It isn't always in the way you expect or want, but it is always the growth that you need. Both of the cards are reminders "that devastation is often the gateway to regeneration." (Hedgewitc's Field Guide p.117). Keep that lesson in mind as you lead both yourself and others on a path of healing in the next month.

Virgo - Three of Wands + Mystery

This month may challenge you Virgo, but in all of the right ways. Embrace the Mystery and wonder that is the future in April. This month is asking you to look ahead, not only just to plan, but with a mindset of openness and expansion. The Three of Wands wants to link you with the world and your community in the future. How can you connect with those around you? How can you take your skills and ideas out into the world effectively? What would it mean to expand into places you are naturally comfortable in? Let these questions float around your earthy, analytical brain in April. But more than anything, don't fear the Mystery of the unknown. Ghost Pipe is a rare plant, one with the ability to grow in the dark. Practice releasing control of planning and predicting every inevitability and allow some things to grow in the dark this month. Put ideas out into the world without triple-checking them. Collaborate with others and let them take control and do the planning. Allow your subconscious and impulse to make some decision for you. Challenge yourself to step beyond having control over every detail and into the expansive world of Mystery through the gateway of the Three of Wands.

Libra - 21 The World + Protection

April is asking you to step into the fullness of yourself this month. The World is a symbol of completion and expansion, reaching the heights of who we are meant to be in this cycle. Become a complete Libra, aware of all sides and strong in your own truth even so. Become aware of how you are mistreated, but also how you may mistreat others and the mistreatment that goes on around you. The World also asks you to step outside of yourself and into awareness of the entire world. Become a justice warrior not just in your own life and for your personal issues but for any unfairness you perceive in the world. Your oracle is Protection, a further call to look out for others. Rowan is a sacred tree, a guide of travelers and a portal into a liminal space of safety. You are becoming this in April. a person that others can lean on for support but also putting yourself out into the world as a protector and ambassador for those incapable of standing up for themselves. Create the world that you want to live in Libra. Look after your own needs and the needs of those who cannot meet their own for whatever reason.

Scorpio - Eight of Wands + Ephemeral

This is a month of movement for you Scorpios. The Eight of Wands implies a time of transition and shifting, experiences you are more than familiar with. This likely means more death and rebirth in April for you, the creation of a new space to exist in or a new way to exist in your current space. Don't fear or resist this movement, it is a natural part of your experience. After all, your Oracle is the Ephemeral Daylily, a flower that blossoms only for a day. It is a reminder of the coming and going of life, the constant being cycles alone. The fleeting nature of this flower, this card, and your own sense of self will come together to create a month of constant change in April. Become like the figure in the card and let yourself be carried by the flow. At the end, you will be like the Phoenix, reborn into a new form that is better suited for life and growth. There is no need to hold onto anything too tightly this month, it will all pass away soon anyway.

Sagittarius - King of Discs + Build

Welcome to a month of growth and expansion. The King of Discs asks you to create a strong foundation for your passions and expansions. Sagittarius is always seeking something new, the King of Discs allows you to appreciate everything that is already around you in new ways. This card is a call to recognize that abundance that is in your life already, and to help create that abundance for others as well. Step into a place of supporting your community and look for new ways to be a material support or to help others grow. You are a gifted encourager and optimist, use this to encourage your community to achieve new heights of success. You can stand behind them proudly, watching those you have guided and taught expanding and seeing it as your own expansion in a way. The oracle Build encourages this even further, asking you to build current structures that allow for even more expansion and growth in the future. Spending time on the more mundane and physical issues in the present (those the King of Discs is concerned with) will allow you to step into a much larger future with infinitely more potential in the coming months.

Capricorn - 4 The Emperor + Invigorate

As is often the case, this month is asking you to step into your power and role in the social world. The Emperor is a symbol of sacred space, know where you belong and exist there in April. Use your inner dedication and devotion to your purpose to fulfill the role that you need to this month. Don't fear what you are capable of or doubt what you belong, know that wherever you are is the perfect place for you to be in the moment. Right there, in that place, you can become an Emperor and achieve all that you work towards with focus and dedication. If you have been feeling stagnant, use the Oracle quality Invigorate to bring in some new life. Revitalize places where you feel stale, reanimate parts of your life you have had left behind. Look to become everything that you want to be by stepping to places where you feel like you belong. You don't have to be the best at something to be practicing it, there is room to be both the Emperor and some who is still growing and learning. Invigorate parts of your life you may have been ignoring out of fear of failure or limiting beliefs.

Aquarius - Knight of Discs + Stabilize

April is a month of slower movement for you, Aquarius. The Knight of Discs wants you to move at your own pace, moving in a way that is aligned and not rushed. While Aquarian energy certainly loves to expand, this month might be geared more toward pausing and analyzing where you are. In order to know where you want to revolutionize and be unique, you also have to know where you are misaligned and acting out of compulsion not intention. The Knight of Discs allows you to move slowly and watch all the the habits and impulses rush by until there is only your true desires. It is from this place that you need to be moving forward. Don't go with your initial reaction, or even your secondary one. Take the time to get to the root of your desires in order to take aligned action. This practice will be supported by your oracle property, Stabilize. Quick movement and a constant desire to be different can be a rocky ride of ups and downs, expansions and contractions. Slowing down enough to stabilize, to have a clear mind, will allow you to make aligned decisions towards growth. It will guide you to create the revolutions that will actually be impactful and make a difference. Slowing down in April will allow for more movement and better movement in the coming months.

Pisces - 18 The Moon + Service

Pisces, this month is all about being your truest self. You are being called into the Moon this month, the ruler of your sign. Fully embrace your ephemeral, dreamy, subconscious self in April. Look for ways to open up to your intuition and allow your inner self to speak to you. Pay attention to your emotional state, your dreams, the way that you communicate with spirit. Purposely practice with any psychic abilities you have, or use your tools to open up to the universe. And as always, use the Moon as your guide for the ups and downs of your emotions, the cyclical state of how you feel. Beyond connecting to the depths of who you are, use April to step into Service. Use the healing waters of your inner self not just for yourself but also for those around you. Look for ways that you can help your loved ones and community. Find opportunities to serve others with unconditional love and empathy. Use your intuition and psychic talents for anyone who is opening to receiving from them. April will allow you to be yourself and in doing that, also be of benefit to your community.

Decks: The Luminous Void Tarot by Laura Zuspan

The Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle by Siolo Thompson

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