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Updated: Mar 2, 2019

I am a non-binary tarot reader, astrologer, and author in the Philadelphia area seeking to help others find their passion and purpose through soul-oriented reflection. I am constantly seeking involve ritual and magic into all areas of life. I am a Sagittarius Sun, Taurus Moon, and Cancer Rising.

Currently, I am working at the Prana House in West Chester, Pennsylvania as a manager as well as being the in-house Tarot and Reader and Astrologer. I really enjoy the small business atmosphere, the chance to connect with every person who walks through the door, and the wonderful community that is constantly growing.

My work is largely focused on finding compassionate and inspiring ways to offer others chances to connect to their soul work. I believe the tarot offers opportunities to reflect on present life issues and prepare steps of action to get to the future you are desiring. It is a practice of reflection for self-development as well as a channel to receive the messages that Spirit has for us. My approach to astrology is karmic/soul centered, looking at the lessons each planet is meant to teach us and how we can best interact with the energies present at the time of our birth. Natal charts bring awareness to the natural ways each of us will respond to certain situations. With that awareness, we can prepare for any situation and notice when we are falling into patterns that don't serve our highest good. Astrology can also give us an idea of what is going on in the sky at any given moment and how it will affect us, as well as those who are around us.

My study of tarot and astrology arose during a journey of personal development and through a longing for connection to something larger than myself that holds space my identity. Even though both of these traditions are rooted in patriarchal and binary histories, I believe that they exist outside of those systems and can be effectively used as tools for all people. Reimagining and re-interpreting symbols to be accessible for all people (queer, POC, low-income, etc.) is another large part of my work that I am incredibly passionate about. I hope that all that I offer is accessible to anyone, regardless of what they look like, how they identify, or anything else.

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