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Supportive Sessions

Creating Space for Introspection & Healing

Everyone needs support at times and in this new and confusing state of the world, perhaps even more so. These sessions are a space where you can get the support you need in the way you need it.

Through Astrology, pulling Tarot and Oracle Cards, and conversation, we can unpack what you're experiencing together and uncover what you most need at this moment.

As a container for introspection, Supportive Sessions help you get to the heart of your current experience. As a form of healing, these sessions add context, affirmation, and possibility to the challenges and traumas we face in life. Tarot and Astrology are both powerful tools to help us see our experience objectively.



"Every time I have an exchange of energy with Brady, whether it be a supportive session, or sharing ideas about astrology, I walk away feeling empowered and confident with the information we discuss. The supportive session I booked during this pandemic highlighted the areas of my life where I am being painfully faced with myself and other obstacles. Their research is extensive and thorough. They came prepared with specific details pertaining to my birth chart and how it applies to the questions I was asking guidance for and they also provided helpful suggestions on how to use the energy of my placements to cope with such problems. Brady's supportive sessions are not generalized astrology energy readings. I walked away armed with personal insight into my life and tools I can use on a daily basis for self-help. I can't recommend their services enough!" 

"I highly recommend Brady for the beautiful way they weave astrology, tarot, insight, and empowering questions into these Supportive Sessions. Brady has a gift for helping me understand astrology and the tarot in deeper and more nuanced ways, and I also deeply appreciate how they bring new openings and reflections to whatever areas are currently "up" in my life. I am deeply grateful for the listening and space-holding Brady offers and the genuine and helpful support that Brady's Supportive Sessions are."

Sliding Scale

Supportive Sessions are a sliding scale offering meant to meet you where you are. The sliding scale allows those who are able to pay for the full value of the session while opening up more accessible levels. There are no questions asked, just choose the price that makes the most sense for you right now. The scale is in increments of 10 from $30 - $60.

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