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Image by Vincentiu Solomon

Celestial Narrative Sessions

We have filled the sky with stories. For thousands and thousands of years, we have looked up at the night sky and seen ourselves, the creatures around us, the ones in our dreams. We told stories of love and death, war and desire, hunting and being hunted. By looking at the whole sky, we bring these myths into our lives.


The myths speak to us through the fixed stars. In these sessions, we will explore the mythos present in your life. You will meet "gods" being reborn and ones returning from the heavens. You will meet ancient immortals and deities in the underworld. And in all of this, you will meet yourself as well, the driving forces, energies, and influences that exist within your own life story.


The Celestial Narrative draws on the Visual Astrology and Fixed Star work of Dr. Bernadette Brady. It is a completely different type of astrology than the ecliptic based, Zodiac-only birth charts we are used to. These sessions combine the two approaches, weaving the myths of the stars into your planetary placements. If you have a good understanding of Astrology, this will offer you something entirely new. If you don't know Astrology at all, this will be a magical introduction to the entire sky.

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