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Welcome to the Mythic Landscape

This is the world where the stories of our lives reside. Myths have carried our archetypes and experiences for all of history. They offer us opportunities to reconnect with our dreams, visions, and our essence. In this Mythic Landscape, Astrology becomes the symbolic language to tell the stories of our life. Enter the Mythic Landscape and see what it holds for you.

My practice of Astrology is narrative in nature, using the language of the stars and planets to offer context, meaning, and guidance in the particulars of everyday life. I am a student of classical astrology, exploring the vast tradition that stretches from the astral omens of Mesopotamia through the Hellenistic, Medieval, and Renaissance eras, to the the modern age. 

Astrology is a tool for understanding and meaning making. It provides a vision of the archetypal gestalt of our life through a language of celestial symbolism. In my work, I seek to translate that complex language into something accessible and applicable to every person. In this way, Astrology becomes an intentional and engaged practice. 

Who am I?


My name is Brady and I'm the human behind the Mythic Landscape. I'm a non-binary astrologer living outside of Philadelphia on Lenape land. I practice a blend of Hellenistic, Medieval, and Contemporary astrology and am an ongoing student of the vast tradition. 

I have been studying Astrology for 7 years and the focus of my current work is on understanding the transmission of techniques through history, learning classical Greek to engage in my own translation work, and working with clients. 


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